Detecting dangerous enemy
some month ago i wrote an article for my code that i used it in bohlool pals game

i want release it for unity asset store in the future

my article abstract:

The computer games industry has always been a place for the emergence of an idea and an amazing design. The simple games that were designed only with a few cubic meters of today's fascinating and playful games have all been attractive to children and teenagers of the age. The attraction that has to be played in place of the game. One of the reasons we have dealt with is the contributing factor that is more important in the tower defense style. In this style of strategy games we need to defend the fortress or area. In this game and in some similar games, we can also use one person's help. The person on the stage. The ability of this person is to identify enemies coming to the castle, and through this wild - determination they can identify the most dangerous of this person's particular capabilit…
My new game package in unity asset store
Tetris Box starter game kit can carry all of requirement for making a custom game for yourself. Actually this game combined two game, match3 and tetris, in this game you should put four or more same color box together to get score. You can build levels as you want, the game is also support game-over menu, complete level menu, pause menu, score and levels as well. also the game has a custom inspector for levels setting (score and time for ending level, speed for difficulty, background for each level).

My first game in unity
In this release of game, you can see why Bohlool escapes from Aaron (to see the video play the first level)  We made the game more easy and we give you prizes to enjoy the pleasure of using weapons.  Now if would you like to be a champion ? So play this game   Go to Baghdad and protect Bohlool from devil Aaron’s soldiers and survive him in assist of your smart friends.  Upgrade your capabilities and wall of the castle, setup strong door and show your braveness in playing games.  Install Bohlool game and enjoy, this game amazes you.   Game features:   Various Castles - You can upgrade the fortifications of the castles   Full-fledged war - 24 breathtaking stages that should use your assistants  Divers soldiers – Each stage you have new enemies to arrogance you but he does not know how strong you are.   Many weapons - each of them is good for a particular job   Score more and buy new weapons to survive.